Meet the Committee

Natasha Dangoor

Position: Editor

Degree: BA in Modern and Medieval Languages, specialising in French and Spanish 

Why I wanted to get involved: I’m very excited to have the opportunity to be the Editor of The Churchill Mallard in the forthcoming year. I love discovering, researching and writing, and I look forward to leading the team and sharing with others all that our wonderful College has to offer.

Favourite thing about Churchill: What I love most about Churchill has to be Richard Partington’s emails. As serious as they often may be, they never fail to entertain.

Rebecca Heath

Position: Editor

Degree: PhD in Economics

Why I wanted to get involved: I decided to found The Churchill Mallard to help bring JCR and MCR members together. With online lectures, social distancing and the cancellation of College events, students will be unable to socialise in the same way this year. Against this backdrop, it is going to be difficult to maintain a sense of community – something that really shines at Churchill – and I hope the newspaper will help bring the College together. I was also keen to give a voice to Churchill students who may be hesitant to get involved with University-wide publications, such as Varsity and The Tab.

Favourite thing about Churchill: I have to give a shout out to the College staff, who work tirelessly to make Churchill feel like home. From housekeeping and the estates team to the porters and College tutors, there is always a friendly face in College. The staff make sure that you never feel alone in a place that can, sometimes, feel very big.

Talay Cheema

Position: Deputy Editor

Degree: PhD in Machine Learning

Why I wanted to get involved: I miss the Winston. I would love to see more Churchill-focused stuff crossing the usual barriers, like JCR/MCR/SCR/staff.

Favourite thing about Churchill: I don’t know if I could say it’s my favourite thing, but I love the wall of Boston ivy in the autumn, which I had the pleasure of spending way too many hours staring at during my last couples of years of undergrad.

Bridget Morris

Position: Deputy Editor

Degree: BA in Linguistics

Why I wanted to get involved: I love researching and writing about topical issues we encounter in modern society. I think it’s really important to highlight to College members that, even if you have no previous writing experience, your opinion and experience is still valuable and your voice should be heard. The Churchill Mallard seemed like the perfect place to do just that!

Favourite thing about Churchill: The huge green space that makes for stunning sunsets in the big open Cambridgeshire skies. And the ducks. And my friends. Not necessarily in that order.

Ravi Desor

Position: Sports Editor

Degree: BA in Economics

Why I wanted to get involved: Sports is such an important aspect of university life and so I’m keen to highlight what’s on offer in College and across the University!

Favourite thing about Churchill: As sports editor, I’d have to say the expansive sports fields and facilities on-site in Churchill. I also think the inclusive and sociable atmosphere is a great aspect of the College.

James Cook

Position: Treasurer

Degree: MPhil in Translational Biomedical Research

Why I wanted to get involved: I thought it would be an interesting challenge to help set up a society and to write articles on College life and current affairs.

Favourite thing about Churchill: The space! So much grass, tennis courts, table tennis tables, squash courts and a gym (sadly not currently in use) mean that it is really easy to take a break from work and do something active.

Brandon Yoon

Position: Secretary

Degree: BA in Law

Why I wanted to get involved: A student newspaper can not only provide interesting insights into various topics, but also bring the students in College together. It is a nice opportunity to meet and collaborate with students at Churchill.

Favourite thing about Churchill: The green space and friendly people.

Jack Hughes

Position: Computing Officer

Degree: PhD in Computer Science

Why I wanted to get involved: I am involved to help build and maintain the technical infrastructure needed to revive Churchill’s student newspaper.

Favourite thing about Churchill: The community, the architecture, the sculptures, and DUCKS!

Abi Jepson

Position: Computing Officer

Degree: PhD in Pathology, doing research on bacterial membranes

Why I wanted to get involved: Joining The Churchill Mallard committee has been a great opportunity to meet people and to learn new skills.

Favourite thing about Churchill: My favourite things about Churchill College are the Vicious Penguin MCR bar, where I can occasionally be found tending the bar, and the large green playing fields, which are perfect for a late afternoon run.

Dominic Wynter

Position: InDesign Officer

Degree: PhD in Mathematical Physics

Why I wanted to get involved: In these unusual times, I think it’s very important to recreate a sense of community, which is why I’m very glad to be helping with the College newspaper.

Favourite thing about Churchill: I really appreciate the warm community in the College, as well as talks given by groups like the CSAR (Cambridge Society for the Application of Research).

Miruna Rǎpeanu

Position: Publicity Officer

Degree: MEng in Engineering, specialising in aerospace engineering

Why I wanted to get involved: I’ve been passionate about storytelling since before I could write. Once I learned how to do that, writing became both a dear hobby and a means of catharsis for me. When I’m not overwhelmed with Tripos work, I enjoy learning about marketing and publicity, which is why I am very excited to join this year’s committee as Publicity Officer.

Favourite thing about Churchill: My favourite thing about Churchill, aside from the friends I’ve made here, is its geographical position, which is perfect for long walks whenever I need to take a break and breathe.

Alice Ertl

Position: Publicity Officer

Degree: MSci in Natural Sciences, specialising in history and philosophy of science

Why I wanted to get involved: I was really keen to get involved with the newspaper to gain more experience in writing, to discuss issues relating to the College and University, and also to meet more people in the College!

Favourite thing about Churchill: My favourite things about Churchill are how spacious it is and also how relaxed and lovely everyone is.