The Churchill Mallard Committee
The Churchill Mallard Committee

The Churchill Mallard is the student-run newspaper of Churchill College. The paper is exclusively written, edited and produced by JCR and MCR members of the College.

The paper was founded in 2020, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way to bring Churchill together. Founding editor Rebecca Heath said, “With online lectures, social distancing and the cancellation of College events, 2020-21 will be a hard year for Churchill students. We wanted to found the newspaper to help maintain a sense of community – something that really shines at Churchill.”

The Churchill Mallard strives to be inclusive. All members of the JCR and MCR are encouraged to submit articles to the Editors. The paper is politically neutral.

How to get involved with the newspaper

There are lots of ways to get involved with The Churchill Mallard, including as an editor, writer, computing officer or cartoonist. 

Before each issue, the Editors will ask Churchill students to submit content proposals. Proposals will be accepted subject to space limits and provided that they do not breach the paper’s discrimination guidelines.

Anyone who publishes in more than three issues of The Churchill Mallard is promoted to staff writer.

Students can also run to join The Churchill Mallard Committee. Current committee members are listed on the Meet the Committee page. Elections are held in Michaelmas term and Lent term for positions.

Students are encouraged to join The Churchill Mallard Facebook group and to like The Churchill Mallard Facebook page. Students can contact the Editors to get a link to The Churchill Mallard slack. 

For any queries, students should email the current Editors, Natasha Dangoor ([email protected]) and Rebecca Heath ([email protected]).