Michaelmas 2020 News

Other news from around College

A new copper roof was fitted on the Hall. [Credit: Tom Boden]

A new copper roof was fitted on the Hall.

The College now has a beehive, which is located at the back of 68 Storey’s Way. Any student who wants to get involved in beekeeping is encouraged to contact Tom Boden.

The heating in the library has been fixed.

The games room has been emptied of furniture to allow the floor to be polished. [Credit: Rebecca Heath]

The JCR has been given its own room. The room will have a TV and audio system, and will contain the games room furniture. The JCR room will be located in the old Club Room.

Whittingehame Lodge has been refurbished. As part of the refurbishment, an en-suite bedroom was converted into a kitchen and a bedroom, the roof was repaired, and asbestos was removed from the walls. Secondary glazing was also fitted to reduce heat loss. This has a payback of less than 3 years.