Michaelmas 2020 News

New perimeter path opens up green space to students and staff

The College has built a wide level path along the perimeter of the site. Previously, the back of College was very muddy and not easy to access for those with mobility issues. The path has opened up the green space to students and staff.

The College is intending to build several seating areas along the path. The College wants to encourage more students to make use of all the on-site green space.

The perimeter path goes past one of the College’s new sculptures – ‘Plainsong’ (2000) by Peter Hide, a British artist known for his steel sculptures. This sculpture is designed to resemble a proscenium, and the name ‘Plainsong’ (2000) is a reference to the musical nature of the piece. A proscenium is the part of the theatre surrounding the stage and includes the stage floor and the arch above the stage.