Interviews Michaelmas 2020

In conversation with Churchill staff: Roxana Brancus

Roxana Brancus is part of the catering staff at Churchill College. She has been working at the College for over four years, starting off in the housekeeping team. Iulia Lavinia Marin talks to Roxana about her favourite hobbies, her fond memories at Churchill and her favourite place in College.

Roxana Brancus (L) and Elena Ionescu (R) at the Churchill Staff Garden Party [Credit: Roxana Brancus]

A well-known French proverb says “tant vaut l’homme, tant vaut la terre”. This is translated as “the value of a land equals the value of its people,” – highlighting an idea which has been proven right so many times in Churchill College.

As we take pride in our “welcoming ambience, supportive community and progressive approaches to college life,” it is a requisite to unveil the element that makes this description an accurate mirroring of our reality: Churchill’s staff.

Thereby, we are introducing Roxana Maria Brancus, a dedicated culinarian whose magical hands made our enjoyable moments spent in the dining hall possible, and whose good-natured smile often welcomes us from behind the hall’s checkout counter. So, let’s get to know her better!

Please tell us more about yourself.

I go by Roxana, and what is easily noticeable about me is my always-cheery disposition and sociable temper. I am never cross. I am 37 years old and I am originally from Romania. My favourite hobby is definitely cooking of any sort, though everyone could agree that cakes are my jam. I also enjoy helping people as much as I can.

What is your favourite memory from the college?

I have no doubt in my mind that the Christmas parties were my best moments spent here, in Churchill… the atmosphere, the people, everything! What a wonderful time!

Viorel Brancus, Rebecca Cresswell, Roxana Brancus, Sebastian Petrescu and Florina Constantin at the Christmas Party [Credit: Roxana Brancus]
When did you first come to work at Churchill?

I have been working at the college since June 2016. Until March 2017 I worked in Housekeeping and after that, I was transferred to Catering.

What is your favourite place from the college?

The Dining Hall! Not only is it the place where I spend most of my time at Churchill and which carries most of my memories from here, but you also get to see everyone: teachers, students, staff! It is a place for everyone.

Roxana Brancus [Credit: Roxana Brancus]