Lifestyle Michaelmas 2020

Cambridge’s hidden gems

Cycling around town, rushing to lectures and frustrated by ever-present tourists, it is easy to miss some of the most curious corners of Cambridge. Looking beyond the beautiful colleges, chapels and libraries, Cambridge has plenty to offer that students and locals alike may not have yet spotted…

  1. Hope Street Yard

Hidden away just off Mill Road, Hope Street Yard hosts an array of traders with art galleries, antique dealers and bicycle vendors. It is a quaint road where you can escape the crowds and have a leisurely browse.

  1. Castle Hill

Climb to the top of Castle Hill to catch a view of Cambridge and the surrounding countryside, and perhaps even spot Ely Cathedral on a clear day. Castle Hill, the site of the Roman Town of Duroliponte and formerly an Iron Age hill fort, has an important historical significance in Cambridgeshire.

  1. The Varsity Hotel Roof Terrace

Why not appreciate the beauty of Cambridge’s historical architecture from a rooftop view of the city skyline? A sunny day, good company, a cocktail and a pretty view is the perfect combination.

  1. The Punter

Formerly a coaching inn, The Punter is a cosy pub tucked away on Pound Hill – ideal for a post-essay drink. It has its own garden courtyard and is only a short walk from Churchill!

  1. The Moller Centre

Last but not least, Churchill College provides its own unique view of Cambridge which can be seen from the top of the Moller Centre. It is a particularly good sunset spot and the best way to take a break from work and absorb the lovely view of our college.